Character Creation


Now it’s time to build our Transformer player character! To do this, we will go through several steps. The following sections will explain each point of character creation in step-by-step detail. For now, here is a broad overview of what we’ll be doing.

1. Determining Technical Specs. These are going to be your stats and with them, we’ll know how well your Cybertronian can preform certain tasks.

2. Choosing a Transformer Size Class. Each size classification of Transformer will open the player up to different options to build the kind of robot they want.

3. Each Transformer comes from a Spark. Which kind of Spark you choose will give you certain bonuses.

4. Every Transformer starts off having a primary Function. This dictates your alt mode and opens you up to other options.

5. One of the major mechanics is the usage of Energon. This is a health and power resource system that is your key to victory in the long war!

6. Upgrades allow the player to fine tune their robot. Think of them as talents or skills.

7. A warrior race must have their arsenal, and choosing your weapons is the next part of Character Creation!

8. Each Transformer has access to Utilities that can help them in and out of combat. Many of them are tied to their Function.

Character Creation

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