Small Transformers


A motorcycle speeds down the highway at top speeds dodging oncoming fire from the helicopter above. Suddenly, it pulls itself to the right, the holo-matter rider vanishing as the cycle transforms into robot mode and dives for cover!

The Decepticon Spy scans the human’s cell phone, throws the real phone away, transforms and lies in wait for the human to pick up the robot. Once the foolish meat bag has taken the bait, the recording of secrets can begin!

Small Transformers are agile, cunning and scrappy robots. Excelling in espionage, information gathering, demolitions, assassination and the like, these pint sized robots can pack a punch.

While they may not have the strength or armor plating of their larger brethren, Small Transformers do not require the huge amounts of Energon that the same larger robots need. This allows Small Transformers to utilize their Energon reserves how they see fit, many preferring to add extra power to a killing blow.

Small Transformer Traits:

Technical Spec Increase: Your Courage score increases by 2 and you may chose to increase your Skill or Fireblast scores by 2.

Energon: You have a +5 bonus to your total Energon Reserves.

Armor You gain a +5 bonus to your Armor Plating total.

Cunning: As a Small Transformer you work harder to compensate for your stature. You may choose one additional Upgrade.

Function Options: You may choose from one of the following Functions; Demolitions, Communications, Archivist, Racer, Assassin, Artist, Engineer, Entertainer, Explorer, Technician.

Alt Mode Options: You have the option of: Communication Devices, Memory Cards, Motorcycles, Small Animal Modes, Small Vehicles, Small Appliances, Weapons,

Examples of Small Transformers: Rumble, Shrapnel, Frenzy, Rewind, Reflector, Rattrap

Small Transformers

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